Let the Professionals Restore Your Upholstery For a Fresh Feel

First of all, what is upholstery? It’s something you come into contact with every day, it’s the fabric and padding around your furniture: couches, love seats, chairs and recliners.

We spend a lot of time living on and around our furniture, which eventually shows signs of food and drink spills, pet stains, oil or grease stains and general wear and tear. It also tends to collect all kinds of allergens and other contaminants, but we don’t tend to think about cleaning upholstery, because we don’t know how or if it can be done. You can’t just throw the upholstery in the washer, after all, but that’s what the experts at ACM Carpet Cleaning Company are for! Furniture upholstery comes in a huge array of fabrics, some more delicate than others, and we’re ready to apply our upholstery knowledge to make your furniture feel like new again.

Our expert service technicians will carefully inspect your furniture for any damage, rips or tears, and then vacuum, condition, rinse and dry the upholstery, restoring your furniture and improving your living space.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are often beautiful additions to home decor and can transform a living space with elegance. They also need specialized care to get rid of dirt, pet urine or feces, stains and bad smells.

In order to properly clean and sanitize an oriental rug, you need to know what material it’s made out of, where it was made, the weaving technique used, as well as it’s age and durability. Don’t worry! The pros at ACM have you covered. We’re experienced with oriental rugs so you don’t have to stress about damage during the cleaning process.