Professional Carpet Cleaning At Affordable Prices

Dirty carpets are a natural part of life, but they don’t have to be. There’s nothing quite like a freshly cleaned carpet to restore your living space. At ACM Carpet Cleaning Company, we use the best cleaning equipment on the market to ensure that your carpets get the deepest possible wash. With affordable pricing and expert service technicians ready to assess your carpet cleaning needs, we offer:

  • Dirt, stain, odor, allergen, pollen and pet residue removal.
  • Pet friendly cleaning chemicals.
  • Custom cleaning services for commercial or residential needs.
  • Knowledgeable service technicians ready to take on any task.

Better Equipment Means A Better Clean

Whether your carpets need a deep clean after years of buildup or you just need regular maintenance to keep things looking and smelling new, we’ve got you covered. ACM’s powerful truck mounted cleaning units have higher water temperature and better suction than portable carpet cleaners. It takes less time for our technicians to remove tough stains and grime, meaning less wear and tear on your carpets and faster drying time.

How it Works

  • Schedule an assessment from one of our expert technicians.
  • Get an estimate, it’s cheaper than you think.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Enjoy the feeling of clean, restored carpets.