Damage Happens: Let the Pros Make Your Home or Business Feel Clean Again

The natural world around us can be hard on our living spaces and in particular, carpeting. Storms, water damage, mildew, bacteria and other harmful substances can become lodged in carpeting, which acts as an absorbent substance. At home methods for dealing with these issues only address the problem superficially.

For a thorough clean, you need the professionals at ACM to repair water damage to carpets, and treat mildew and bacteria using commercial grade products and professional cleaning techniques. ACM can restore carpet and it’s padding through a comprehensive sanitation process, regardless of the issue, including:

  • Mildew treatment: remove mold growth from carpet so that the air is safe for inhabitants.
  • Bacterial treatment: Hot water extraction process uses high water temps at high pressure to penetrate carpet fibers and remove bacteria buried deep.
  • Water damage repair: proper cleaning and drying for carpet restoration. Replace carpet padding if necessary.
  • Residential and commercial services, our expert technicians are ready for any job.
  • Power Scrub