Clean Floors Make Homes Shine

We spend a lot of time tracking the outside world into our homes and offices, unfortunately, our floors absorb most of that traffic. Tile and grout flooring is absorbent, which means that germs, bacteria, and other unwanted substances seep into the floors and may cause problems.

Mopping helps keep dirt away, but that is only a surface solution, nastier stuff buried in the tile and grout needs powerful, professional cleaning to remove. Tile and grout can also become discolored and look dirty, even after mopping. ACM uses a professional grade steam cleaner to make your tile look like new and remove harmful bacteria.

How Tile and Grout Cleaning Works

  • First, a thorough vacuuming to remove dirt.
  • Then, mopping to remove stains.
  • A powerful steam cleaner is used to penetrate deep and remove bacteria and germs.
  • Finally, drying the floors.
  • Enjoy your fresh flooring!